ComiPo! VS KumaKuma: A Comparison

Animation Jun 28, 2021

ComiPo! and KumaKuma Manga Editor are, well, manga editors/creators. If you're torn between them, hopefully this guide/comparison will help! Unless you have a Linux or Mac computer. That won't help, since both programs are only available on Windows computers. Without further ado, let's get started!

Similar Layout

Both ComiPo! and KumaKuma Manga Editor have very similar layouts. ComiPo! has some more advanced options along with the regular options, while KumaKuma has more of a simple or watered-down layout.

The layout of ComiPo!. Keep in mind that the interface can be zoomed in/enlarged if you have terrible eyes like me and can't see anything.
The interface of KumaKuma Manga Editor.


Both ComiPo! and KumaKuma have customization options for your characters. However, I feel that ComiPo! is the winner in this category because of its more flexible/appropriate options. You'll see what I mean in the pictures.

Customization options for ComiPo!.
Customization options for KumaKuma. There's some outfits I would like to point out, but I can't bring myself to show them on my website. They're... not for kids, to say the least.

ComiPo - change skin color

Another thing I would like to point out with ComiPo! is that you can change the skin color of the characters. This is something I feel is important, since there's no possible option like that with KumaKuma.

Aside from normal skin tones, you can also make bright and colorful ones, too!

Export Quality/File Format

Ok. Buckle up! With ComiPo!, you can export your comics in many different formats and styles. Just look at it! *sniffs* Beautiful. KumaKuma, on the other hand, can only export in .JPG and .PSD. Not a whole lot of flexibility there. Comics exported with ComiPo! I've noticed have better quality, but you can always change the size of the image.

Export options for ComiPo!.
Export options for KumaKuma.

Background Variety

Both programs have a good amount of background options, but I feel ComiPo! wins this one for its higher-quality and varied backgrounds.

Background options for ComiPo!. There's a lot more, but I decided to go with these ones.

Background options for KumaKuma.

Facial Expressions & Poses

ComiPo! has a set list of poses and facial expressions with a wide variety. KumaKuma lets you make your own poses and facial expressions, with the purchase of a DLC.

Pose options for ComiPo!.
Facial options for ComiPo!.
Custom pose-making for KumaKuma.
Custom face-posing for KumaKuma.

Quality Assets

While KumaKuma does have a lot of assets, I think yet again that ComiPo! wins here. ComiPo! has high-quality 3D assets, item images, comic marks, sound effects, and effect lines. KumaKuma only has 2D, lower-quality assets with emotion comic marks.

I'd like to see you try to make this in KumaKuma!

Speech Bubbles

ComiPo! allows you to move the tail of the speech bubble where-ever you want. It also has a large variety of bubbles (round ones, square ones, dotted ones, etc.), while KumaKuma kinda just gives you the bubble with little to no flexibility.

Speech bubble options in KumaKuma.

Best Program for Beginners

KumaKuma can be a little frustrating, especially since it gives you little to no real explanation on how everything works. For example, you have to download the assets before you use them. ComiPo! has them all ready to go, so you can use them right away. ComiPo! also has a great example comic that I messed around with for quite a while. However, KumaKuma is great for less detailed work/looser comics.

Best Value

I want you to keep in mind that ComiPo! is around 50 dollars while KumaKuma is like 6. ComiPo! also has a TON of DLC's that, when added with the base product, end up around $200. However, I got ComiPo! and all of the DLC's on the Steam Summer Sale. ComiPo! goes on sale frequently (around once or twice a month). Instead of paying $200, I paid less than $50. Not bad! KumaKuma, with all the DLC's, is around $12. So, if you want a more detailed program like ComiPo!, I suggest you pay the price or wait for a sale. I've had ComiPo! for less than a month and I have had so much fun with it! KumaKuma is great for adventure, romance, or funny comics.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think ComiPo! is the way to go if you want detailed comics. If you want more of a wider-variety sort of thing, go ahead with KumaKuma. My personal opinion is to go with ComiPo!. Like I said earlier, I've had it for less than a month and have loved every penny I spent. Overall, I love how you can import custom content in ComiPo!! All in all, I love both of these programs, but lean towards ComiPo!.

Hehe, I just had to sneak this comic in here.


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