Story Starters

An invitation to write what happens next!

Prompt 1:

"What do you think it is, Will?" Sophie asked as she peered at the shiny object.
Will stepped closer to get a better look. "I have no idea," he said, "but it's definitely not from around here."
The two scientists were living in the Amazon Rainforest, far away from civilization. They had been there for years, exploring and studying the wildlife.
Sophie was mesmerized by the shiny object. It was so beautiful and mysterious. She couldn't take her eyes off it.
"Let's take it back to our camp and study it further," Will suggested.
Sophie nodded eagerly. She was curious about what the object could be.

As they took the object to their camp, they found that the object was actually…?

Prompt 2:

"Hey, Taylor," Chloe called out as she walked into the library. "I just found out about a writing contest. The winning story will be published in the newspaper!"

Taylor's eyes lit up. She was always excited to write stories with Chloe. "That sounds like so much fun!" she exclaimed. "Let's enter together!"

The girls spent the next few days brainstorming ideas for their story. They wanted it to be original and engaging. Finally, they came up with a concept that they both loved.

The story was about…?

Prompt 3:

Julius and Moxie trotted along the busy streets of their city, on their way to meet their guide pet instructor. The two cats had both been working hard to make sure they were ready for the final test.

Suddenly, a big dog named Chester appeared, blocking their path. "You two cats will never become guide pets!" he growled. "I'll make sure of that!"

Julius and Moxie…?

Prompt 4:

"Patricia," Tyrone said, "you really need to spend more time reading." Patricia just rolled her eyes; she had heard this from Tyrone and the other Chapter Raptors members before. She was always busy on social media, and they thought that was a bad habit. But to Patricia, it was a way to connect with friends and family far away.

"I don't have time to read," Patricia said. "There's too much else I could be doing." Tyrone shook his head.

"You're wasting your time on social media," he said. "And you're not getting anything out of it." Patricia just glared at him. She didn't like it when…?

Prompt 5:

Captain Kidd was feeling rather lonely. His sister, “Miss Moody”, always seemed to be in a bad mood. But he refused to give up. He would find a way to make her smile.

"Come on, Miss Moody," said the captain, standing at the foot of his sister's bed. "It'll be fun."

Miss Moody just glared at him. She never wanted to play pretend with her little brother. It was always so childish. But she found herself reluctantly getting out of bed and following him downstairs.

"What game are we playing?" she asked grumpily.

"Pirates!" replied Captain Kidd excitedly. "I'm the captain and you're my first mate."

“Oh, great.” she said sarcastically. “How… thrilling.”

“I know!” Captain Kidd exclaimed, not picking up on her sarcasm. “We need to find the gold!”

Captain Kidd and Miss Moody got in their laundry-basket ship and headed towards…?

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