Squash and Stretch

Squash and Stretch is exactly what the name sounds like. It compresses objects or stretches them. This is great for showing motion, material, or texture in an animation! It’s most commonly used in 2D animation for fluidness, but it can also be applied to 3D animation as well!

Notable Example:

kekeflipnote is famous for their bouncing animals!


I will be doing this in a program called MMD, which stands for Miku Miku Dance. The program was initially created to make fan-made music videos of the character Hatsune Miku. More information on the program can be found here.
The model I am using has sliders for squash and stretch. How convenient!
When the motion goes downward, I make it stretch.
When it goes upward, I make it squash. It's as easy as that!
I also applied some squash and stretch principals to the facials as well.

My Finished Example:

I recommend right-clicking on the video and selecting 'Loop'.
Animated GIF version.
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