Lip-Syncing and Timing

Lip-syncing is the art of moving a character’s mouth (lips) in sync with dialogue or other sounds. If the timing is off, it won’t look as good! Good lip-syncing is believable. Timing goes hand-in-hand with lip-syncing. Timing is in everything in animation - camera movement, lip-syncing, character motion, even comedic timing - all use timing techniques. Lip-syncing is really fun, especially when dealing with exaggeration because bouncy movement with facials is humorous to watch!

Notable Example:

This is a good example of both timing and squash/stretch!


To make this animation, I lip-synced the words 'pump it up, kitty' and moved the eyes to the beat of the music. I have also moved the camera to the beat (albeit, to the best of my ability, since I can only apply keyframes in 30fps and the animation is rendered in 60fps). Various other elements are timed to the music. I used lip syncing and timing techniques to create this animation. I wanted to make something that was both creative and engaging, so I used these techniques to bring my animation to life. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

My Finished Example:

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